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How Money-Laundering + Counterfeit "Currency" Defeats Democracy

An easy to digest and simplified breakdown of the #FTX/#Ukraine/Establishment money scheme that changed the course of the midterms.

For a person who is not by the any stretch of the imagination a currency or crypto expert, this whole situation was a bit fuzzy for me. (although I understood the basic "gist")

I know that for most people, having more details in a way that the average joe can understand, is very important. There is a saying in marketing that if a 3rd grader can't understand it, it's too complicated. This ain't marketing, it's just my flawed human attempt to lay bare the facts of the situation in an easy-to-grasp way, God willing.

So here we go from the beginning, in a trickle down structure, stay with me...

  • Glenn Ellison (head of MIT Economics Dept, which had direct ties to Epstein) hires

  • Gary Gensler (a former Clinton finance chairman) to head the Cryptocurrency Dept at MIT in 2018

  • Biden Admin nominates Gary Gensler to the Chair of the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) in 2021

  • The Director of the SEC's Enforcement Division is the wife of corrupt former FBI agent and Russia Hoax perpetrator, Peter Strzok

  • SEC has been laser focused on gaining control over all crypto currency and been consistently hostile toward all crypto exchanges except...

  • FTX, which was treated very kindly by the SEC, and many in the currency space thought the SEC was propping up FTX to monopolize the crypto market

[Crypto currency has the potential to take power from the banking system, which makes it a huge threat that must be controlled by the establishment]

  • Sam Bankman-Fried was the founder of FTX (a crypto exchange) and was spotted on Capitol Hill several times with regulators and lawmakers, further supporting the previous bullet point...

  • FTX head of ventures used to work for the Clinton Foundation

  • FTX head of policy & regulations was a former Obama commodity futures trading commissioner

  • SBF's father is Joseph Bankman, a Stanford tax law professor who drafted tax legislation for anti-crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren and also donated thousands of dollars to Democrats

  • SBF was apparently almost* an overnight success 2 weeks after Biden announces candidacy in 2019

  • SBF's mother is co-founder of "Mind the Gap" Democrat fundraising organization; his brother is the founder of "Guarding Against Pandemics" organization; Aunt & uncle both linked on the WEF website

  • SBF hired his girlfriend Caroline Ellison, daughter of Glenn Ellison (from bullet point 1), to be the CEO of FTX and his hedge fund called Alameda Research

  • SBF "charmed" the 20 best investors in the world to invest in FTX

  • Ukraine "partnered" with FTX to launch their new crypto "donation" site

  • YOUR TAX MONEY is converted and invested into FTX by Ukraine, and fees for each transaction add up as well as the "value" of FTX and price per "coin" (they made a ton of money artificially inflating the "coin")

  • SBF then "donated" as the second largest donor for the midterms to the Democrat party a whopping $40 million (nearly), only second to Soros; he also gave the establishment anti-MAGA GOP $29 million

  • One of the lines on the accounting balance sheet for FTX was literally called "Trump Lose"

  • SBF and FTX were partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of Klaus Schwab's Stakeholders as well

  • SBF also installed a digital "back door" for FTX in which he was funneling investor/customer funds to his hedge fund Alameda Research

  • Alameda Research used prior knowledge of tokens that were scheduled to be listed on FTX to buy them ahead of the public announcements and then sold them for a profit

  • SBF/FTX files for bankruptcy and, magically, billions of dollars of investor money is unaccounted for

  • Congress is now investigating the ties between FTX/SBF and Gary Gensler Chair of the SEC, since the crypto fund has collapsed, as well as the funneling of funds by SBF to his hedge fund

Phew, I know that was A LOT of info.

Moral of the story is... these people are all involved in a multi-national, globalist mafia cartel that seeks to subvert #democracy, destroy the will of the people/humanity, and gain totalitarian control over all government and society-- by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

I don't know about you, but after digesting all of that, I came to two conclusions:

  1. [They] are going to use this massive "scandal" that they orchestrated to heavily crackdown on crypto, which means I am going to invest more in very well-vetted independent currencies (as they attempt to roll out the digital world currency tracking system)

  2. We the people and the America First patriots (as well as patriots in their own countries who love freedom) must go on offense. We must play dirty, we must be two steps ahead, we must strike down and resist any attempt by these people to control us.

Due to the complex nature of this article, I will leave it short and sweet. Stay tuned for next week's blog drop on President Trump... it will be GLORIOUS and brutally honest.

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