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The Media Is Destroying Minds

If the C19 pandemic didn't prove that, the Ukraine situation certainly is.

If you have access to the internet and are in any way aware of how the news can be used as a weapon, then you've heard of Project Mockingbird. The official description is as follows:

During the Cold War, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C1A) launched its Operation Mockingbird, which aimed to collect intelligence by bribing journalists and institutions around the world and affecting public opinion by manipulating news media.

Carl Bernstein, a famous American investigative journalist who unveiled the scandal in 1977, said that according to the plan, the C1A recruited journalists that were put on a payroll by the C1A and instructed to write "fake stories". The C1A admitted that at least 400 journalists and 25 large organizations around the world had secretly carried out assignments for the agency.

According to the details of this operation, it has been in play for over 70 years. To many of you, this is obvious and common knowledge. To others, they have no idea how corrupt and despicable our intelligence agencies are. How do they get these people to agree to this treasonous activity? Simple. Blackmail and bribery. Many of the children of the elites who work with the C1A are groomed to become "public figures" and journalists.

In Biblical texts, God talks about the Spirit and the Flesh. The Spirit, in my humble opinion, is our conscious and the way God communicates with us. The Flesh is our curse, our weakness, and that which Satan uses to tempt and manipulate us. It is giving into the Flesh impulses + desires that leads to human suffering. Following God's Law and our conscious prevents suffering. Got it?

The connection I am attempting to make is to help regular people understand HOW there are human beings on this earth capable of great evil and treachery. How can they lie to us, manipulate us, hurt children, commit atrocious acts of depravity? There are many reasons but they boil down to one fundamental truth: The Flesh is weak. "Do what thou wilt" the Satanic Church creed developed by Aleister Crowley, is the ultimate version of that. All non-Christian elites follow it. No consciousness, no God-fearing, just impulse. Many children that are groomed by demonic parents, not unsurprisingly, become demonic! They are abused, therefore they abuse. They are exploited, therefore they exploit.

The horror that has been going on behind the shadows in countries like Ukraine for years is something that regular people cannot stomach or accept. Rampant human/child trafficking, sex slavery, human experiments, and a giant money-laundering hub for the WEF Globo Satanic Mafia. Some Ukrainian people are not aware of much of what goes on, because guess what C1A operation also reaches to global media and keeps the population in Ukraine under the spell of propaganda? Yep, Mockingbird.

Now you have regular people fighting and up in arms about Ukraine, while the C1A and Globalists (who fund the media lying to everyone) laugh. They make "Big Bad Putin" the wolf, meanwhile they are the wolf. They paid off the Biden regime to allow their sick operations to rapidly expand in Ukraine, and Putin wasn't having it. They prop Zelensky up as a hero and pretend Ukraine is a democracy, meanwhile he imprisons his political rivals and journalists who oppose him. He was installed (by all your favorite Satanists who are now on TV saying "fight for Ukraine"), to be their cabal regime leader in Ukraine.

I have done my best to post all updated information that is in stark contrast to the mainstream narrative. Slowly, but surely, even a few bigger conservative pundits have started questioning and posting as well. What I am not saying is that Putin is a savior or great guy. What I am doing is sharing information and aligning myself with the things I do* agree with him on: anti-Satanism, anti-gain of function labs, anti-NATO, and anti-trafficking.

From his mouth and others close to his administration, Putin wants a non-corrupt gov to take over Ukraine, (hopefully through the Ukraine military), with as little civilian casualties as possible, and then move forward with a peaceful neighboring country relationship. Russia does not want to make an enemy out of the military or civilians in Ukraine. Ukraine soldiers were caught wearing Russian uniforms and bombing their own neighborhoods. I am sure these are puppets loyal to the Zelensky Globo Regime. That was a direct report from the ground. Meanwhile American media is posting countless fake photos and videos from movies to make Russia "look bad". THIS IS THE FOG OF WAR.

Keep your head on a swivel and try not to get psyop'd.


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