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The Uniparty vs Trump

When government institutions, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the media conspire to take one man down... you might want to pay attention.

Following Election Night 2022, an appalling but not surprising thing happened: key players in the "MAGA" or Conservative movement began to turn on Trump.

Yes, you read that right.

It took me a whole day to process this honestly. The sheer lack of loyalty to a man who has, quite literally, taken the arrows for us. His family relentlessly targeted, his businesses and livelihood threatened, constantly fighting legal battles and attempted indictments, and the never-ending media onslaught 24-7 for the past 7 years approximately.

Is he perfect? Certainly not. Is he a saint? Not by a long shot. But he's never given up on us... a billionaire who could retire to an island with his supermodel wife. He persisted when no one else would.

Any reasonable person would ask why, earnestly.

The answer is so simple, I think it's why most "intellectuals" and liberal think-tanks miss it:


I've often asked myself why he is so polarizing or triggering for the left, and I have come to the same conclusion over and over again: their mockingbird media hive mind was programmed to. Not to mention a fair amount of daddy issues. When studies show that a majority of your ideological side/party suffers from one or more* mental illnesses and another large number of those cases is on medication, it is dishonest at best to not acknowledge the serious susceptibility of said group to being brainwashed. It is also morally and professionally reprehensible for any psychology professional to ignore this fact. (Just ask Jordan Peterson)

But let's talk about the "Republicans". What is their issue? Well that's easy... they are submissive cogs in the wheel of a corrupt system. It's easier* to go along to get along and stay somewhat comfortable, than it is to risk flipping the boat over. Even if the boat is full of snakes and holes. For establishment Republican figures, they also have the added benefit of lining their pockets by allowing the Uniparty to control things behinds the scenes and acting outraged.

Some are great actors, some not so much.

But who I'd really like to highlight here are the Conservative Inc pundits, "independent journalists", and talking heads that clearly have no real loyalty or critical thinking skills between them. I will use the term "coattail riders" instead of the alternative to that as I'm trying to clean up my vernacular. God willing. LUKEWARM and opportunistic are two terms I think describe Conservative Inc well.

They* (forgive my lack of listing specific players, but I am trying to focus on the grand image not the minutiae) wasted no time pumping out tweets and blogs or little videos on social media condemning Trump because of the lack of a "red wave", despite a great number of MAGA victories. I'm sorry, is Trump in charge of individual states election integrity? Is Trump leading the RNC or the House/Senate? No, he isn't.

He is a former President who has experienced the following:

  • His second term being stolen from him

  • His first term being kneecapped in many ways by the Establishment Congress

  • Spied on and set up for the fake Russia Collusion

  • Constantly lied to and manipulated by fake operatives claiming to want to help him fix America

  • "Republican" governors and State House leaders failing him (and the people) by not fixing their state election issues after 2020 or perform audits

  • DOJ relentlessly targeting and attempting to indict him after his term

  • Attempted Impeachment against him twice

  • Net worth greatly reduced while in office

  • Dealt with the brunt of C-vid with half the country screaming for more extreme measures and the other half condemning him if he did so

  • 24-7-365 media attacks on him & his family for 7 years

Any rational human would have walked away. Why spend money on lawyers and constantly be stressed out fighting the machine, only to deal with thankless idiots? Sure, there are millions who love Trump, and perhaps that keeps him going. Along with his faith. But the hate and vitriol the man has to deal with constantly is insane. As a decent person who fears God, I pray for him regularly.

Now, we have the midterms after almost two years of a deranged, dementia-riddled Uniparty puppet attempting to crush our nation. What does Trump do? He spends much of his time and resources HELPING US. Supporting America First patriots, donating to their campaigns, holding rallies for them, etc... all while fighting who knows how many lawsuits and subpoenas in an attempt to bring him down.

His Endorsement Record even while many states have rampant election fraud? 219 to 16, with 3 or 4 more wins likely (if they ever finish "counting").

You know who has been paying lots of attention to how Trump does things for the past few years? Yep, Desantis.

No one can deny the way he changed how he handled press conferences, his hand gestures, his manner of speaking. He started transforming after Trump endorsed him in 2018 (he would have lost without him and Gillum would've been gov of Florida- yikes!). Desantis could see how wildly popular Trump was, and he had to get his base to love him as well. I am not saying it is bad to do so, unless you have ulterior motives. Enter Exhibit A...

Recently, Big D has begun to take meetings with the WORST of the establishment Rinos- the Bush/Ryan crew. It is also no secret that he took big money from Florida Sugar cartel for 2018 and I venture a guess, 2022 as well. Trump knows this. He also knows they are pushing D to run against him in 2024. Hence his recent statements.

**Political Campaign Spoiler Alert: Grassroots America First candidates do not take money from corporations or the establishment Rinos unless it is in exchange for something.

As of today, November 10, 2022, there are multiple mainstream media headlines bashing Trump and saying he's to blame for any and all losses in the midterm election, and proclaiming Desantis is the new King of the party. When the hell did we conservatives start parroting the mainstream media without questioning anything? It is revolting to me. What will be even more revolting is if Desantis turns on Trump. The ultimate Judas move.

Before you draw your conclusions and decide where your allegiance lies, consider the following:

  • Trump added 10 million* new voters to the party in 2020, who knows how many in 2016

  • Record economic gains

  • 4 peace deals

  • Exposed both* sides of the swamp

  • Prevented a 3-5 year pharma cartel lockdown in 2020

  • Completely exposed the media mafia

  • Made America more safe than it has been in decades (despite BLM/Antifa violence)

Let's see what happens.

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