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Politi-Psych: Welcome to My World

How this psychological concept was born and the history behind it, as well as my own history.

As someone who didn't find her "calling" until later in life, and certainly didn't rush out to get a major degree fresh out of high school, I like to say "Psychology picked me".

Honestly, what other subject is more intricately woven into the fabric of humanity and, simultaneously, one of the core structures of almost every other industry, subject, and ideology? Whether it is business, health, parenting, etc... but the one topic I never in a million years thought I would dive headfirst into: Politics. I've had an ironic laugh over this more than once.

I was 'That Person', the one who always dismissed any political talk and claimed "I don't care about politics, it's all fake"... until 2016. Wake up call: guess what sweetie, Politics cares about you, me, and everyone else it exploits. The wildly surprising part of my newfound interest was how much it clicked for me, and why. Let's discuss.

My history in toxic relationship addiction stemmed from childhood, hence why studying and obtaining my Psychology degree helped me tremendously. Except where it didn't. It is my opinion, now that I have enough worldly experience to say so, that a mental health epidemic has been largely ignored by the mainstream and establishment colleges: Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The systemic growth of this predatory vile disorder has its origins based in childhood trauma and maladaptive parenting. So what did I do after my last personal encounter with it that resulted in C-PTSD? I did 18 months of intensive study on the subject, I renewed my relationship with God, and I healed.

Now on the worldly scale, I wondered how this knowledge was going to transmute into a viable professional avenue for me. Here's the kicker:

Many people in positions of power today have this disorder.

But Gabby, how can you diagnose without truly knowing these people? Simple= patterns. Their patterns of behavior and the way they speak give them away instantly, to someone who is well-versed on the subject. NPD is also very commonly associated with child predators, and predators in general. Ding ding ding! Sound like some elites you may have heard about in the news, hmm?

I cannot begin to tell you how my brain lit up while making these discoveries and connections between my personal psychology journey and, of all things, PoLiTicS. Even after a couple years of really immersing myself in politics, I didn't realize this was a whole subject of study: Political Psychology. What?! Excitedly, I realized sometimes God's path for you is so easy and obvious, sometimes we overthink ourselves into running around chasing our tails for a time. (Yes, it me.)

So here we are, and if you're reading this in 2022, you are starting this journey with me! (Hopefully, I will earn your trust while simultaneously not boring you to death, and you'll stick with me)

What is the End Goal?

My goal firstly is to build this blog, so as to share my thoughts and help my audience understand my view of things. Initially, a year or two ago, I figured I would run for office eventually. I am a strong leader and desire to make real change. The "spotlight" is a daunting place, so I am still considering if and where I might want to be of service. Stay tuned.

My ultimate goal/dream is to one day advise the President. I feel that my knowledge, skillset, and ability to see 1000 possible outcomes/consequences before making any decision is a tremendous asset... not to mention my great love for humanity, justice, and what is righteous in God's eyes.

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